• Artist Restaurant Furkablick

    Every day from 24.6.2023 to 08.10.2023


    "...the examination of food can lead to an in-depth understanding of the social, political, economic, medical, ethical and geographical considerations of a particular location and moment."

    Emily Elizabeth Goodman in: Food, Feminism, and Women´s Art in 1970s Southern California, Routledge NY, 2022

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  • Reading

    from the reading station at Furkablick


    longduration reading out of the kitchen

    overthe four month long artist restaurant saisson on the furka pass, we
    invite the various people passing through to read with and for us
    from the book series „kitchen politics“. Kitchen Politics - Queer
    Feminist Interventions is a book series published by the collective
    of the same name. Kitchen Politics publishes contributions to leftist
    political debates and queerfeminist, materialist, and intersectional
    perspectives. Texts from and about the kitchen or in other words from
    the reproductive sphere.


    1)please record your reading.

    2)say your name

    3)saythe date of today

    4)read out loud from where the book mark is.

    5)say your name again

    6)write your name and date in the book where you stoped.

    7)stop the recording.

  • Events

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    08.Oktober 9-23Uhr

    Sound und Buffet!!

    Long summer at the Furkapass will be ended, so last day paaaaarty!!!!

    2.9-4.9 paläontologischer Spaziergang mit Ilya


    Back to the future: Lake sediments as a time machine


    Have you ever wondered what the landscape looked like when the first farmers settled in the Alps? Or since when the vegetation, which is "normal" for us today, exists in this form? With the help of paleoecology, we take you on a journey through time and look thousands of years into the past to answer precisely these questions, among others.


    Did you know that lake sediments can act as a time capsule, preserving evidence of ecological processes that took place thousands of years ago? By studying these sediments, we can learn about the evolution of our environment and the impact that humans have had on it over time. Understanding the long-term perspective is fundamental to comprehend what will happen in the future.


    It is our responsibility to protect the environment and build durable and progressive systemic changes. Radical measures need to be taken, for example, in forestry, agriculture, and conservation. Climate change and land use are already majorly impacting our environment and are the leading causes of biodiversity loss. We will discuss human and landscape interactions, but also our place as a species in nature.

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    Nationalmythen aufspiessen

    am Mittwoch 01. August


    Grill Gemüse/ Fleischspiess

    und Keramikbrennung

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    am Samstag 24. Juni




    Um dieses Projekt gebührend einzuläuten laden wir am Samstag 24. Juni zur Eröffnung mit einem Kuchenbuffet (salzig & süss) und Musik.


    Bring deinen eigenen Kuchen/Torte/Wähe/Gelatine-Klotz oder andere

    Kuchen-ähnliche Konstrukte für das Buffet und erspare dir damit die 30 CHF Buffetpauschale (inkl. Filterkaffee/schwarzer Tee).


    Damit wir uns vorbereiten können freuen wir uns, wenn du dich bis zum 21.

    Juni anmeldest und uns Bescheid gibst, ob du mit oder ohne Kuchen


    Up Comming Events

    01.Oktober am 16Uhr Crypto Event


    08.Oktober Last day Party 9-23Uhr


    Long duration reading of #kitchenpolitics 
    Ceramic grill
    Mouse Rat-geber_in


  • Contact

    Furkapasshöhe, 6491 Realp,Switzerland

    events unterstützt durch die Fachstelle Kultur, Kanton Zürich

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